Monday, 19 January 2015

Stylish Pergola Tent

When you choose tent for wedding or other function then first of all you think about designing of tents. We glad to say to our customer Pergola Tent is best for every kinds of function whether it can be small or big.

Stylish Pergola Tent:- Stylish Pergola Tent is designed with a latest accessories and to make center of attention in the party and you ensure that Stylish Pergola Tent is stand is add charm to your party or function.
Stylish Pergola Tent

Waterproof Pergola Tent:- Waterproof Pergola Tent have waterproof and strong fabric which withstand of all weather conditions. Curtains is folded with the help of pole and it is open at the all side. 

Waterproof Pergola Tent

Elegant Pergola Tent:- We made Elegant Pergola Tent in the traditional way and gives stylish look main features of this tent is it is easily placed on all types of land or ground surfaces.
Elegant Pergola Tent

Indian Tent have many styles and design are match of traditional tents and good impact to your function. You can buy Indian Tent in affordable price with the aesthetic appearance and Pergola Tent is make to your party’s surroundings is graceful.

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Aesthetic Maharaja Tent

Indian Tent is present a Maharaja Tent and it decorate by best accessories which become the first choice for party, function or social function.

Lavish Maharaja Tent:- Lavish Maharaja Tent is ideal for large no of guest and it’s arrangement is perfect in all like fancy canvas is used, big spacious, durable and robust with nature.
Lavish Maharaja Tent
Spacious Maharaja Tent:- We serve a Spacious Maharaja Tent ,It is such a spacious tent in nature and it is placed on beautiful garden or park with a beautiful way.
Spacious Maharaja Tent
Magnificent Maharaja Tent:- Magnificent Maharaja Tent is made a white color of canvas which have fancy looks and its border is so fantastic.
Magnificent Maharaja Tent
Luxury Maharaja Tent:- Luxury Maharaja Tent is provide comfortable facility inside the tent and decorate with lanterns and royal table.
Luxury Maharaja Tent
Maharaja Tent is made using top quality of fabrics and any component which is easily available in market. Indian Tent is give traditional touch to Maharaja Tent at the best price.

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