Friday, 29 May 2015

Exotic Swiss Cottege Tent

Indian Tent we are providing a verity types of tent works, looks good and basically of traditional features. Indian tent is a basically traditional background, one good thing about Indian Tent that is totally looks in traditionally.

Swiss Cottage Tent it can be arranged anywhere even then rough areas too, the good part is that consist the rainy weathers, side of accommodation part is good we can use for feel good for stay living outside area foe short term after arrange it.

Exotic Swiss Cottage Tent:-  Exotic Swiss cottage Tent is a easy to create any surface, internal pattern is very updated and arranged like living, its outer look is so comfortably created.

Exotic Swiss Cottage Tent
Features of Exotic Swiss cottage:-
·        Its marquee is very strong
·        Used by shooting coolers cotton
·        Covered tightly and holding capability is good
·        It’s something looks like home pattern
·        Size of the this tent is (12ft X 24ft,13ft X 26ft,14ft X 28ft)
·        Indian Tent is based by like a traditional background.

Indian Tent have waterproof curtain which made from high quality of material for people enjoy during rough weather conditions and enjoy view of outside tent. IndianTent is decorate by attractive accessories which stitched on these artistic pattern. Indian Tent is best tent and stunning tent.


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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Classic Swiss Cottage Tent

Swiss Cottage Tent is design in an exclusive way and ideal in harsh weather because it makes from top quality of canvas. Swiss Cottage Tent is well known for camping and best for jungle adventures. It is the good option for camping.

Classic Swiss Cottage Tent:- We are present Classic Swiss Cottage Tent which is more tolerable from other tents, for coming in white colors of canvas and everything is arrange in proper way inside the tent, It is very comfortable, spacious and luxurious for our customer in all season. We offer this tent at cost-effective prices for people.

Classic Swiss Cottage Tent
Features of Classic Swiss Cottage Tent:-

  • Use fire retardant canvas
  • Create awesome look
  • Best tent in harsh weather condition
  • Gives pleasing look
  • Construct with this size (12ft X 24ft, 13ft X 26ft, 14ft X 28ft)

Indian Tent manufacturing company is provide comfortable stay and tent structure always come in hut with pointed. Our Indian Tent have so many tents which own design. Made of air proof quality along with water proof quality and you ensures you get comfortable and quite accommodation during rough weather conditions. You can hire or buy at reasonable price with convenient stay.

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