Friday, 19 June 2015

Classical Beach Tent

 Indian Tent are known for its massive look and attractive design. The imaginative color combination and decorative borders of tents prepare it sufficient for any types of celebration and functions. 

Beach Tent is light weighted, fashionable and attractive. It is the smallest product of Indian Tent. This types of tent basically pitches on the sea areas. It is portable and easily architect.

 Classical Beach Tent- Classical Beach Tent is mainly used for picnic, sun bathing and outing because it is durable in nature. It is the classical product of Indian Tent. This types of tent is easily assemble and disassemble at any riverside and seaside.

Classical Beach Tent
 The size of Classical Beach tent is small but fully usable in this tent the interior and exterior design is mind-blowing and open from front side and made by white and many more beautiful, smart color of canvas.

Features of Classical Beach Tent-
·        Durable in nature
·        Water resistant
·        The size of this tent is 1.5m x 1.5m with canopy
·        It can be easily assembled and disassembled
·        Interior and exterior designing of this tent is imaginative
·        Perfect for any types of seashore and seaside

Indian Tent is available in a broad bunch of colors, designs, decorations and hand block printed borders. Indian Tent Suppliers provides a graceful and stunning tents on economical price. All products of Indian Tent developed by fully experienced craftsmen and workers.

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